We created a surface that OUTPERFORMS all other synthetic ice products.

Then designed it to be AFFORDABLE.

  Now SLICK is the fastest selling synthetic ice surface in the world and you can easily purchase right from this web-site saving money and be skating in a few days.

How would you like to have your own personal skating rink to skate whenever you want?

Wish you could just lay down some panels and go skating?

Your wish has come true- The answer is "SLICK"

What if you could put it together in minutes and disassemble even quicker for easy storage?

Wow- That is just what "SLICK" does.

So Let's look at the benefits of "SLICK" over ice.

Hockey players develop skills faster   Long process due to limited ice time.
Sets up in minutes    Days of refrigeration equipment installation
Inside or outside does not matter  inside is expensive – outside requires constant cold weather
No maintenance, no electricity High Maintenance, big electric bill
Portable disassembles in minutes, nothing left behind    Melts leaves mud.

It has been proven that ice skaters learning and training on SLICK synthetic ice are stronger,
faster and technically better skaters than those who only skate on ice.               

What you need to know:

Does it really skate like ice? We have lead this industry since 2000, if it did not work, we would not be recording record sales and growing year after year. SLICK” is designed to replace ice; it is not cold and does not need electricity. SLICK synthetic ice is a specifically modified polymer that allows the skate blade to glide smoothly over its surface. All skating elements can be performed. Hockey stops, deep edge cuts, stick handling, spins, jumps, anything done on ice can be done on “SLICK” .

Is It Hard To Set- up? NO. Panels are only 29 Lbs. and arrive on a 4’ by 4’ pallet that a driver delivers to your door by pallet jack.  You need a hard, flat, level surface like garage concrete and you are ready to skate. For outdoor rinks, crushed rock, cement, asphalt, 12” stones (pavers) and wood sub-floors all work as sub-surfaces for SLICK. For outdoors our Super-Glide Substratum is laid down first to ensure everything works properly. See SHOP page for information on Substratum.

What makes SLICK better than other plastics whose companies claiming to be “the Best”? First, we do not say we are the best, everyone who skates on SLICK does. But for more details please see our" About us" page to see how SLICK synthetic ice was developed and earned the reputation as the best skating surface, many say “Better than Ice”.

How long will SLICK synthetic ice last? Tests conducted at Super-Glide Canadian Facilities skating 200 skaters per day, gave a life expectancy over 30 years. Home rinks are passed down through generations.

What about 4’ by 8’ panels aren’t bigger panels better? NO, over the years listening to our customers, we found the 4’ by 4’ panel to be the best, shipping, carrying and installing is all easier, overall better for consumers, with seamless technology SLICK is like one big sheet of ice when installed.

How much does SLICK synthetic ice cost?
With advanced chemical glide ingredients, pure resins (not recycled contaminated plastic) cutting edge design and no skate enhancer needed the Regular price is $225/panel. (4’ by 4’)

BUT Ordering on-line saves you money, this high quality product is only $149/panel on this web-site.


SLICK delivers the perfect package of glide-ability, ease of use, and durability.

No tradeoffs. No compromises. It’s everything a skater wants.

A better product at a lower price does not exist – so order NOW.

Here is NHL Professional Martin St. Louis’ on his new rink, he enjoys trainings his three sons on Super-Glide SLICK:

You will not find a better product at a lower price – No way No how so order NOW.

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