About Slick Synthetic Ice

Perry Boskus – President of Global Synthetic Ice and inventor of SLICK synthetic ice:

“In the 80’s I Coached Figure Skating and Hockey on a “synthetic ice” rink, my students developed to the highest levels – World Champions. In the 90’s I became a demonstrator for the only “synthetic ice” company at that time. I found I could skate and train high level skaters but the average recreational skater frowned on the experience. Seeing a potential with a better product my goal of creating a replacement for ice was inspired.”

Over the years, working on different designs and formulas Super-Glide synthetic ice was born (2000). Starting as Florida Skating Inc. and growing to Global Synthetic Ice many improvements were introduced. We were awarded numerous Copyrights, Trade Marks and Patents.  Super-Glide has been featured on Good Morning America, Oprah, News TV stations across the country and around the World. With rinks opening in Russia, China, Mexico, Europe, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico among others Super-Glide earned the reputation as a replacement for ice and created a new industry.

Now we have invented something new, again. SLICK synthetic ice - more advanced than anything previously offered. For a home owner or commercial use nothing works better than SLICK.

The response has been tremendous, introduced in Sept. 2015 when friends skated on those rinks they immediately purchased. In a short time SLICK became the highest selling skating surface breaking all previous records.

Creating and Leading the “synthetic ice” industry since 2000 we have now achieved the goal we set out to do many years ago - Offer a simple, inexpensive alternative to ice for skating. SLICK fulfills this dream.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments:

“Over the past 15 years I witnessed the development of Super-Glide, many told me it could not be done, I just never listened.”

Perry Boskus


*11 improvements introduced by Florida Skating Inc. DBA Global Synthetic Ice

  1. Replaced wood core with sold construction in panels. (2000)
  2. Replaced wood framing (Holds old rinks together) with a polymer boarder (2000)
  3. Increased the length of splines (4’ and 8’) to eliminate uneven seams.(2000)
  4. Designed a brick formation layout. (2001)
  5. Invented our own skate enhancer developing the “Skate Like Ice” reputation.(2001)
  6. Added “Ice Blue” coloring to replicate real ice. (2004)
  7. Introduced the first rebounding system for home training with the “ALL-STAR”. (2007)
  8. Developed a goalie system specifically designed for goalies. (2007)
  9. Developed a patented interlocking system for assembly. (2007)
  10. Developed lines for hockey and built the first full size lined NHL hockey rink. (2008)
  11.  Invented SLICK eliminating skate enhancer and a new advanced design.(2015)

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